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  • The Fi2000 fuel-injection tuner emerges as the paramount solution for optimizing fuel-injected motorcycles, effectively eradicating lean air/fuel mixture settings. With its straightforward installation, compatibility with any exhaust system—be it stock or aftermarket—and the absence of additional dyno testing or mapping requirements, it epitomizes plug-and-play technology excellence.
  • This user-friendly device serves as the quintessential tool for fine-tuning FI engines, providing a swift, uncomplicated, and cost-effective upgrade.
  • Each Fi2000 fuel-injection tuner undergoes meticulous tuning tailored to specific brands and models, ensuring pre-set optimal configurations for individual machines.
  • Beyond its seamless installation process and plug-and-ride technology, this tuner eliminates the need for confusing computer downloads, simplifying the entire enhancement process for motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Elevate your riding experience with the Fi2000, maximizing horsepower, torque, and overall performance without the hassle of intricate procedures.
  • Fine-tuning your motorcycle has never been easier. If adjustments are necessary, our Fi2000 fuel-injection tuner provides three adjustment pots that can be effortlessly manipulated with just a screwdriver.
  • There’s no need for expensive dyno testing, saving you both time and money.
  • Additionally, our tuners come pre-configured from the factory for your specific make and model motorcycle, ensuring optimal performance. Should your specific application require customization, the tuner is designed for easy adjustment.
  • Experience an enhancement in overall rideability, enjoying a smoother and more responsive ride with our Fi2000 fuel-injection tuner.

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