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FI2000 fuel tuner for Harley-Davidson: Installation instructions


FI2000 fuel tuner for Harley-Davidson: Installation instructions

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are renowned for their robust performance and distinctive sound. To enhance their performance even further, many enthusiasts turn to aftermarket solutions like the Fi2000 fuel tuner for Harley-Davidson.

This device optimizes the air/fuel ratio, leading to improved throttle response, increased power, and better fuel efficiency. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of installing the Fi2000 fuel tuner on your Harley-Davidson.

Understanding the Fi2000 Fuel Tuner

Before diving into the installation process, it’s important to understand what the Fi2000 fuel tuner does. It’s an electronic device that connects to your motorcycle’s engine management system. By adjusting the air/fuel ratio, the tuner can optimize engine performance to suit your riding style and any modifications you’ve made to your bike.

The tuner’s ability to adjust the air/fuel ratio makes it versatile for various bikes and modifications. However, selecting the best fuel tuner for your needs is vital. This choice should account for the motorcycle’s characteristics, the driver’s riding habits, and any other unique requirements to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Tools and Preparations

To begin the installation, gather the following tools:

  • Screwdrivers (flat and Phillips head)
  • Allen wrenches
  • Torque wrench
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Fi2000 fuel tuner for Harley-Davidson kit

Ensure your motorcycle is on a stable surface and the engine is cool before starting the installation process.

Installation Steps

1 Access the Fuel Injection System

The process of accessing the fuel injection system in a Harley-Davidson can vary depending on the model. For most models, it involves removing the seat and potentially the side panels to uncover the area where the fuel injectors are located. It’s crucial to refer to your motorcycle’s manual for the exact procedure to access the fuel injection connectors, ensuring you don’t miss any model-specific steps or precautions.

2 Disconnect the Battery

Before starting the installation of the fuel tuner, it’s imperative to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. This precaution prevents any accidental electrical shorts or issues that could arise during the installation process. Ensuring the battery is disconnected will provide a safer environment to work on the electrical components of your motorcycle.

3 Locate the Fuel Injector Connectors

You’ll usually find the fuel injector connectors near the throttle body of the motorcycle. Identifying these connectors is crucial because you’ll connect the Fi2000 fuel tuner here to intercept and modify the signals between the engine control module (ECM) and the fuel injectors. This interception allows the tuner to adjust the fuel mixture, optimizing the motorcycle’s performance.

4 Install the Fi2000 Connectors

To install the Fi2000, connect its wiring harness between the existing fuel injector and the stock connector. This step is crucial for integrating the tuner into the motorcycle’s fuel system. Make sure you secure all connections and route the wires away from areas where they could be pinched, chafed, or exposed to excessive heat, which might damage the wires and impact the tuner’s functionality.

5 Mount the Fi2000 Module

Selecting a suitable location to mount the Fi2000 module is important for both the device’s performance and longevity. The module should be mounted away from high heat sources and moving parts to avoid potential damage. It is typically secured using Velcro strips or zip ties included in the installation kit, ensuring it remains in place during operation.

6 Connect the Ground Wire

The ground wire of the Fi2000 must be attached to a clean, paint-free metal surface on the motorcycle’s frame. This connection is vital for completing the electrical circuit and ensuring the tuner functions correctly. A proper ground connection prevents electrical issues and ensures the tuner has a stable operation.

7 Reconnect the Battery

After the Fi2000 installation is complete and all connections have been double-checked for security and correctness, the battery’s negative terminal should be reconnected. This step is crucial to power the motorcycle and the newly installed fuel tuner. Reconnecting the battery signifies the end of the installation process, allowing you to proceed with programming the tuner.

8 Programming the Fi2000

Programming the Fi2000 involves setting the potentiometers on the module to adjust the fuel delivery for different throttle positions, based on the specific model of Harley-Davidson and any modifications it may have. This calibration is crucial for achieving optimal engine performance and efficiency. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you set up the tuner correctly for your motorcycle’s needs.

9 Test Ride

Conducting a test ride after installing and programming the Fi2000 is essential to verify that the motorcycle is functioning as expected. During the test ride, focus on the engine’s responsiveness and overall performance, noting any improvements or necessary adjustments. This real-world testing ensures that the fuel tuner is properly enhancing the motorcycle’s performance.

10 Final Checks and Reassembly

Once you’ve assessed the motorcycle’s performance with the Fi2000 installed, check all connections to ensure they’re secure and confirm the module is correctly mounted. Reassemble any removed motorcycle parts from the installation process. These final steps are crucial to ensure that everything is in place and the motorcycle is ready for regular use.

Post-Installation Tips

After installing your Fi2000 fuel tuner, it’s important to monitor your motorcycle’s performance and fuel efficiency. You may need to make additional adjustments to the Fi2000 settings based on your riding conditions and preferences.


Installing a Fi2000 fuel tuner for Harley-Davidson can significantly enhance its performance. By following the detailed steps outlined above, you can successfully install the tuner and enjoy a more responsive and powerful ride.

Remember to handle the installation process carefully and consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific instructions and safety information. With the Fi2000 fuel tuner, your Harley-Davidson will be optimized for peak performance, ready to take on the roads with renewed vigor.